Can TGT provide everything needed for entertainment
e.g. Lights / DJ etc?

TGT can provide all things necessary for the performance, including band lighting. Background music can be arranged for no extra cost, or you can create your own playlist on an iPod/tablet/MP3 player (any device with a standard headphone socket output) to be plugged in to our sound system.


What on site facilities will be needed, eg. power/stage?

We require a solid surface to set up on. Stage is not essential.

At least one wall power socket required.

How much space does the band need to set up?

We are as flexible as possible when it comes to setup space. We require approximately  5 metres x 3 metres for the full 5-piece band.


How long will TGT take to set up and sound check?

It takes 90 minutes to be set up and ready to go, once all equipment is unloaded in to the performance space.


It isn't essential that the band has an audible sound check as all settings are saved from the previous event. This is useful where parties may be eating in the same space as the band will be playing in.


Do TGT play specially requested songs?

Given a suitable notice period TGT can learn and perform special requests for an extra fee.

How long will TGT play for?

Our performance time varies depending on your event and what you require. For example, 3 x 45 minute sets is a popular request.


How far will TGT travel?

We are based in Norwich and are prepared travel. Our travel rate is based on the Musicians Union National Gig Rates guide. A copy of this is available on request.

What songs do TGT play?

Please take a look at our current Play List.

How much do you charge?

Please click here to fill in our quotation form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Does the band have insurance?

All members of the band carry standard Public Liability Insurance and all our electronic equipment has been PAT tested.  (PLI and PAT certificates available on request).

Can I see the band play live before I book?

Please see our Events section for dates listed as a "Public Event". The majority of our gigs are private functions, but we will happily arrange for you to see us where possible. We also have the facility for you to come to our rehearsal space in Norwich to hear us play, although there's nothing like seeing us live at a gig!


Does the band have any special requirements?

Access to changing facilities is sometimes desirable, particularly at more formal events where we would change into our performance clothing after setting up. We require 2 to 3 parking spaces, as close as possible to the performance area to unload our equipment.


Does the band need to be fed?

No, but of course, we would appreciate it! Please let us know either way, so we can bring provisions where food/water isn't available to us.


Are TGT available to play on my event date?

To check our availability, please see our Events section. In some cases, with suitable notice, we may be able to rearrange public event dates that are already booked in, so please contact us to check.


I would like to book TGT. What happens next?

Please call or email ASAP to check our availability. Once this is confirmed we will discuss your requirements, then send you a contract that clearly states what we have agreed.